Most Laughable Trade ever

I logged in late tonight to check my fantasy team..And I saw ‘Pending’..I said wait a minute..I didn’t do any waivers..GASP! It’s a trade!

Not surprisingly it was one of the worst offers I’ve ever seen.

I recieve:

Steve Smith Sr.

Andre Ellington

I send:

Todd Gurley..


I just sent back the response LOL..


Why Todd Gurley Owns.


Trade of the Century?!

In my big money week my very good friend team started tank. They started out going three and you wanted to blow things up.

Being the savvy fantasy football or that I am I decided to take full advantage of his going is that if you didn’t put together a salvageable roster within the next two weeks his playoff hopes are going to be absolutely crushed.

Through my nice maneuvering of the waiver wire I had some good trade pain. The fact is, I had some awesome acquisitions and they were better than a lot of the starting players.

After quite a few deliberations and going back and forth on the topic we finally decided on this..

I send:

Andy Dalton

James Jones

Lance Dunbar

I Get:

Matt Forte

My Roster is Looking Nice

After the train I’m knocking ally my roster is looking really nice. All of the players I traded our players were sitting on my bench. So I figured it might as will give her them for a star caliber top three running back.

Both of us ribald walkway as winners in this trait I think. Because now looking back on Andy Dalton’s number one quarterback in fantasy football and TV shows the top 10 wide receiver. Shirleys Dunbar got hurt, but he received to top 10 players for a top tier running back.